August dye garden

august dye garden 083

Sun and rain in abundance has given our dye plants a great boost.

august dye garden 079

The yellow bed is full of blooms and we are regularly collecting them for drying and dyeing with later in the year.

august dye garden 024

It has been interesting to see the habitat for insects and birds develop – we have lots of butterflies and bees, goldfinches and a pair of magpies who particularly like the red bed.

august dye garden 080

To enhance the habitat further a group at Hive put together an insect hotel.

august dye garden 031

Weld plants flowering in their first year. As a biennial plant this is a bonus crop for us.

august dye garden 026

Flax, indigo and woad are thriving.

We welcomed visitors from the Society of Dyers and Colourists and Bradford Textile Archive to the garden last week. Both organisations are partners in the project and have kindly provided sessions for some of our groups. It was great to be able to show them how much the project has developed and also to use some of the plants to do some indigo dyeing.

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