French marigolds and weld grown at Wibsey Community Garden with a group from BCEP


Flax, Japanese indigo, weld and french marigolds from the Hive garden.


Collecting berberis.

woad and indigo extraction 010

A bumper crop of woad.

At our Fabric of Bradford dye gardens around the City it is harvest time. Excellent summer weather has given us great crops to work with.  Groups in Wibsey, Manningham, West Bowling and at Hive have had the opportunity to dye using fresh plants, or prepare them for use at a later date.

Working directly with the raw materials has given us the opportunity to talk about how the processes and colours¬† were relevant to the Bradford Trade. A new series of workshops starts next week called ‘Talking Textiles’ which will draw on the huge community based knowledge of the textile heritage of the area, through reminiscing and making activities.