Sharing histories


In West Bowling The Fabric of Bradford has been working with members of the local Nepalese community. The participants have been sowing seeds for the little dye garden that was started last year.

Nepalese dyers 017

The group has also been dyeing wool for a knitting project, working with culinary dyes from kitchen waste and spices. We have discovered that there are many similarities between the traditional dyes of Nepal and those that were imported to be used in the Bradford Trade (specifically indigo, madder and walnut).


The group is creating a knitted garden with the yarn they have dyed.


Inspired by the stories of Bradford, the textile history of the city, and their Nepalese heritage, two men in the group made us a spinning wheel. They collected scrap timber around West Bowling and worked from memory to make this fantastic tool for the group.


Here Maya is shown spinning yarn (from local sheep).

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